Friday, August 18, 2017

August update for patreons, July goes public!

Lazy is my second name,
so enjoy the usual link to my patreon page.

Does that count as a rhyme? It might be because I am lazy, but it sounds good enough to me!

Have fun, and let me know if there are any bugs! ^_^

Monday, August 07, 2017

Slow week, still surprisingly tiring

As in: development has been kind of slow. I did churn out 3 new scenes for the inn job (one involves getting intimate with the drunken sailor on the ground floor, first), and I am almost completely done with the ghost quest (I was expecting to actually be finished a while ago, but for some reason I kept double guessing certain ideas I had for it, so I ended up not making much progress, which was kind of frustrating). At least certain scenes are quite hot, so it should prove to be a nice little quest. :)
Aside from that, I did add the image I shown yesterday to the game (and also to the picture gallery), I did some work on the temples to implement a "fast travel" option back to the world map (and I also have been adding horse carts for fast travel between cities), but no big content additions, much to my chagrin.
I'll keep this short, because it's getting a bit late in my country, and I need the sleep, but as always, do let me know if I am forgetting something, or if you have any questions for me. See you next week! ^_^

Monday, July 31, 2017

Spooky spirit stalkers

I have started working on the random events, as the results of the last poll came in. I ended up receiving a nice suggestion from Magma for a chain of events, and it kind of grew into a mini-quest, but I am trying to keep its size down, so we have something interesting without sacrificing too many days to it. I think it's coming along nicely, and should be fun to play with. It involves a close encounter with a ghost, and the subsequent attempts to get rid of it (or not, if you don't mind being possessed during the nights :p). I have to write a few more scenes for it, but we are already mostly done for the quest part. I also fixed a couple of bugs, but they are not urgent enough to require me to update right away.
Next I'll probably tackle the inn job, as that's the one that more easily allows me to introduce NPCs, and give players rumors to work with, maybe mini-quests, kinky stuff, etc.
I should also try to find some time to at least add a bit to Carla's path (she got second place in the votes, and she has been sitting at one scene for way too long), and then figure out what to do next if there is more time left. I should also start to show off the artwork for this month on Patreon, so you all get something to look forward to!
I think this wraps things up for the moment, as always, stay tuned for more news next week! ^_^

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July update is finally here, which means, from now on you can find the changelog and the link to the latest update on my patreon page.

Have fun, and let me know if there are any problems! ^_^

P.S. Did I forget to post about a release on the blog, by any chance? I feel like I forgot something, but I can't figure out what it is... -_-

Monday, July 10, 2017

Since I had forgotten to show this off earlier, I figured it would be nice to let people see what they can look forward to for the next update on my Patreon post (please don't kill me for not re-uploading the image here D:). As always, the artist is Redjet, in case you want to check him out! The HQ version of this image will be given as a reward to 25$ donors or above (without watermark, of course). I'll have to edit the Patreon page soon to reflect this, hopefully people will appreciate the illustrations as a reward (I figured it would be welcome, since RPG Maker has such a low resolution, otherwise).
As for the actual development, this week I almost finished the quest I embarked on last time. Since there are a few secrets and other stuff related to this one (and also because it's one of those "you can explore the location before the quest" kind of situations), it's taking a little extra work, but I think it will be interesting story wise, and the characters should be fun as well. I also had to tweak the layered system a little, to accomodate the other commission, so I'll need people help to check if things work as they should (hopefully I didn't break anything).
For next week I should finish the damn quest, and then I'll add some more content here and there where I can. It will probably be a rush to work on my list of unfinished or unsatisfactory stuff, so I don't have specific plans, I'll just try to tackle whatever can be worked on quickly, for maximum effect.
This should be about it, and as always, see you guys next week! ^_^

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I am late on the update (but on schedule???)

I went to sleep earlier than usual yesterday, and completely forgot to write the weekly update, sorry everyone! -_-
Anyway, last week I finished the new area of Rahib (people might have seen the map already, since I had left it open for those who wanted to take a look), I added a few scenes and the beginning of a quest, which I'll complete later this week. I think it's about time we start introducing some antagonists to the story, but I am still considering how I want this to go in practice (I have a few potential candidates, but some will be related to plots which are optional, so I'd rather pick someone who is part of the main quest, instead). I should have some rivals present in the various guilds you can join, to spice things up, although I wonder how their performance should be determined (should it just be that they complete any quest you leave untouched, use other systems or simply have their progress be set in stone as the story moves forward?).
Anyway, this is it for now, back to the gaming caves to mine some more content! See you next week (or maybe sooner than that, if you check my patreon and I show off some of the new art for the month)! ^_^

Saturday, June 24, 2017

This is what happens when you are really tired...

...Or maybe I am just senile. I forgot to post the news of the udpate here! Anyway, May's update went public, so all cowgirls lovers should have something to do.

As always, all the things are on my patreon page., so go check it out if you haven't already, and have fun with the update! ^_^